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Panel discussion proudly sponsored by Imprint Analytics

Panel discussion proudly sponsored by Imprint Analytics


In this compelling panel debate, experts from across the food industry spectrum come together to tackle the multifaceted issue of food fraud. As a growing concern for consumers, regulators, and businesses alike, food fraud poses significant risks to public health, economic integrity, and brand trust.

This session with David Psomiadis, CEO of Imprint Analytics, Raquel Medeiros, Head of Food Safety - Chemical Contaminants and Packaging, Nestle and Saskia van Ruth, Professor of Food Supply Chain Integrity, University College Dublin moderated by Professor Chris Elliott aims to dissect the current landscape of food fraud, exploring innovative strategies for detection, prevention, and enforcement. 

The panel discussion will take place on the first day of the event, September 10th from 1.35 – 2.15 pm.

Check out the whole agenda here.

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Amidst a rising tide of food fraud, the quest for authenticity and transparency becomes more vital than ever. While the food companies struggle to navigate between new regulations on sustainability, ESG and responsible sourcing, consumers raise their demands and expectations. Let's unveil the secrets hidden in our plates and cultivate a culture of authentic food.

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Imprint Team walking ...

Our amazing walking champs participated in the 10th Burgenland Women's Run (10. Burgenländischer Frauenlauf) in Lutzmannsburg last Sunday!

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