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The solution is to find the source: Imprint Analytics can do a lot for you in environmental analysis and environmental monitoring.

  • Determination of the isotope composition of water, to define water flowpaths and sources in environmental and engineering projects
  • Investigation and consultation in the field of environmental forensics
  • Detection of nitrate and sulfate sources in ground- and surface water
  • Monitoring hydrocarbon pollutants by isotope fingerprinting

By determining and interpreting the stable isotope ratios of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen and oxygen of any sample different conclusions can be drawn. If there is more than one of these elements present in the sample, a so-called isotope fingerprint (consisting of up to all five ratios) can be established which is characteristic for the sample and can be compared to reference data from reference samples for different sets of properties or differentiations.

Contact us and check out if there are already datasets for your samples. If not, we can quickly help you to find the appropriate analytical approach for you. 

Comparing the isotope fingerprints of different batches can be of great use for a number of sample types, because unknown factors of differentiation, for example different qualities of lots and sublots, different blend or simply different constitutions can be detected. In such cases, untargeted fingerprinting can be used of the products with one or more analytical methods of our portfolio, in order to identify differences and provide useful information for further investigation of such inconsistencies.

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