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Imprint Analytics offers comprehensive support around analytical testing. This allows you to effectively manage your challenges.

When it comes to the authenticity of products, independent testing is crucial. Nevertheless, the methods should also be chosen carefully. It is important to know for which products and at which points in the supply chain there is a higher risk of fraud and adulteration.

Fraudsters always try to be one step ahead to gain profits and cause you significant economical or reputational drawbacks. We offer several tools to make life easier for you.

Our solutions are widely applicable in many different areas

Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment

Get an overview of your company's specific food fraud risk.

Fraud Monitoring Alert – tailored made

Regular tailor-made newsletter service to provide you with recent food fraud intelligence.

Food Fraud Prevention Program

Your individual all-in-one program from planning to monitoring.

Expert Training

Get an 1:1 expert training by our experienced pros on authenticity.

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