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Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment

Several international standards already include the requirement of a vulnerability assessment such as IFS Food, BRC and FSSC according to the GFSI guidelines.

The vulnerability assessment is a systematic documented form of risk assessment to identify the risk of possible food fraud activity within the supply chain including all raw materials, ingredients, food, packaging and outsourced processes (IFS Food 7).

A food fraud risk mitigation plan is the process that defines the requirements on when, where and how to mitigate fraudulent activities, identified by the food fraud vulnerability assessment. The resulting plan will define the measures and controls that are required to be in place to effectively mitigate the identified risks (IFS Food 7).

Your Benefits

Based on our experience and knowhow in this field we can assist you with the preparation of your vulnerability assessment and the development of a risk mitigation plan.

  • Competent support in determining the risks for your products
  • Compliance to the international standards
  • Vulnerability assessments and risk mitigation plan can be used as a basis for more elaborated programs such as Food Fraud Prevention Program
Your Benefits Your Benefits Your Benefits

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