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Flavors, vitamins and supplements Flavors, vitamins and supplements Flavors, vitamins and supplements

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Flavorings are added to many food products to give them a typical smell or taste. These substances can be of diverse origins resulting in significant price differences for the manufacturer. Also there is a huge discrepancy between supply and demand of natural flavorings. Therefore there is plenty of space for manipulation. Text and pictures on different products indicate high quality ingredients while in reality natural additives or expensive natural flavorings are partly or even entirely substituted by cheap synthetic substances. With the help of Isotope Analysis you can not only differentiate clearly between natural and synthetic flavorings but you can also find out the geographical origin of the (natural) precursor.

Supplements are added materials to food in order to change its properties or enhance its quality. There are number of supplements used in food industry and in so-called superfoods. Also, vitamins for example are already added to almost every fruit juice, plant-based beverages, snacks and sweets.

Isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) can help answer questions about the geographic origin and authenticity of a number of flavorings and supplements at all points of the supply chain, such as Bourbon vanilla

By determining and interpreting the stable isotope ratios of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen and oxygen, the so-called isotope fingerprint is established which is characteristic for the sample and can be compared to reference data from reference samples from different regions or to a data base. To achieve high geographical resolution and credible results, we use our global database, as well as our expertise and know-how to provide advanced customized origin testing by including more parameters. Any information on the samples such as suspected (not declared) origin, farming style, etc. is helpful.

Often synthetically manufactured flavorings or supplements are far cheaper than natural ones. In case of Vanilla for example, the natural supply does cover for only 2% of the global demand, so adulteration or at least mislabeling is very likely. With isotope analysis the differences between nature derived substances vs synthetically produced ones can normally be detected easily.

Contact us and check out if there are already datasets for your flavoring or supplement. If not, we can quickly help you to find the appropriate approach for you. Imprint holds datasets for a number of flavoring and supplements in order to make a quick differentiation and verify if the flavor is natural or synthetic acc. to Directive 2000/13/EC on labelling, presentation and advertising of foodstuffs.

Special: Vanilla

Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors worldwide, but authentic flavors from the vanilla species are limited. Vanilla plants require specialized growing and are easily impacted by natural and human factors, resulting in high price rises and an increased risk of fraudulent activity. To address this risk, we offer a comprehensive range of services to provide transparency in the supply chain and secure consumer trust.

Imprint Analytics is competent in answering questions about vanillin origin and source quickly and proficiently. No matter if it comes to pure vanilla extract, vanilla flavor/powder or processed vanillin – with the innovative method of the compound specific GC-C/P-IRMS it can be distinguished between authentic vanilla and synthetic vanillin as well as vanillin derived from different natural raw materials. Furthermore it can be determined which natural raw material has been used to manufacture the vanillin.

Together with our partners we can also offer species identification by PCR if the focus is on the differentiation between vanilla species as well as a variety of additional chemical tests on Vanilla and other flavorings. Discrimination of vanilla planifolia vs. vanilla tahitensis is possible in any product containing vanilla, by GC-C/P-IRMS.

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