Testing services

We offer analytical tests for the verification of origin and authenticity of food and many other products. We provide evidence for your product claims.

Methods of analysis

  • Globally recognized, validated and accredited methods
    Origin testing by multi-isotope fingerprinting
  • Modern state-of-the-art analytical techniques
    Next Generation Sequencing, GC-C/P-IRMS, NMR, NIR
  • Analytical tests according to international standards
    for wine, juice, honey, maple syrup

Multi-isotope and multi-element fingerprints as well as untargeted product profiles are highly characteristic for the very sample and provide comprehensive information which – reasonably interpreted – allows solid conclusions. A wide range of properties and product claims can be verified, using scientifically developed databases, our know-how and a combination of several analytical techniques and parameters.

Methods of analysis Methods of analysis Methods of analysis


  • Reveal country or region of origin, e.g. for products with protected geographical indications
  • Verify value claims for products with ‘green’ or ‘clean’ labels, safeguard responsible sourcing, ESG and sustainability strategies
  • Detect adulteration and the presence of undeclared or synthetic ingredients
  • Perform batch comparisons for quality control and monitoring
  • Identify weak nodes in supply chains, fraudulent activities and mislabeling
Applications Applications Applications

Application areas

Our solutions are widely applicable in many different areas
Food testing

Food testing

Food testing and prevention of food fraud is our speciality. Check out what we can do for you when it comes to origin and authenticity of food!

Top tested products

Non-Food testing

Non-Food testing

Many of our services are directly applicable to non-food products such as cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. Also we offer special water and environmental testing solutions. If it´s about authenticity - contact us for support!

Tested areas

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  • Security and transparency along the entire supply chain
  • Avoiding financial and economic losses due to fraud and/or recall
  • Ensuring declared product claims
  • Promoting confidence and quality to the consumer, strengthening the brand of the company
  • Imprint Analytics acts independently using its global and longstanding experience in authenticity testing
Your Benefits Your Benefits Your Benefits

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