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Navigating the Landscape of Food Authenticity in Agriculture

Navigating the Landscape of Food Authenticity in Agriculture

Check out our brand new expert article concerning Food Authenticity

Food fraud is a silent threat that could compromise the essence of our food supply. This issue affects the entire agricultural ecosystem, influencing decisions, shaping values, and impacting brand reputations. As we explore the complex network of global supply chains, it is clear that safeguarding the authenticity of our food is now more important than ever.

Check out the brand new article on where our Food Authenticity Expert and CEO Dr. David Psomiadis talks about

  • the current standardisation efforts in Europe on the subject of food fraud
  • the evolution of food certification in agriculture and
  • tools for food industry to meet regulatory requirements while upholding ethical values and societal expectations

The link to the full article be found here.

Food Fraud Records 2023

Food authentication solutions as a tool in the food fraud risk mitigation plan

Feature • Oct 16, 2023

Food Safety Briefing with David Psomiadis still available on demand

Amidst a rising tide of food fraud, the quest for authenticity and transparency becomes more vital than ever. While the food companies struggle to navigate between new regulations on sustainability, ESG and responsible sourcing, consumers raise their demands and expectations. Let's unveil the secrets hidden in our plates and cultivate a culture of authentic food.

News • Jun 27, 2023

Imprint Team walking ...

Our amazing walking champs participated in the 10th Burgenland Women's Run (10. Burgenländischer Frauenlauf) in Lutzmannsburg last Sunday!

Info about the Imprint-approach for origin verification

Answer questions effectively and efficiently with the correct method. For the verification of the geographical origin, the multi-isotope fingerprint of your product or material is determined by stable isotope ratio analysis.

Vanilla – lack of quality is a constant issue

Less than 1% of the most popular flavor worldwide comes from an authentic source – the vanilla orchid. The price has fallen recently after a rapid increase in recent years, nonetheless the pressure on the market is constantly high.

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