Success Story - Bohemia Sekt

Success Story - Bohemia Sekt

BOHEMIA SEKT s.r.o. and Imprint Analytics GmbH collaborate to ensure authenticity and quality in sparkling wine production

BOHEMIA SEKT s.r.o., the esteemed sparkling wine company known for its refined taste, and long-standing winemaking tradition, and Imprint Analytics GmbH, a leading expert in product integrity and authenticity verification, have joined forces in a strategic collaboration aimed at ensuring the highest standards of quality and authenticity for BOHEMIA SEKT products.

Long-Lasting Monitoring Programs:

BOHEMIA SEKT and Imprint Analytics have implemented comprehensive monitoring programs that span the entire production lifecycle. Rigorous testing of raw materials and ingredients is a cornerstone of these initiatives, guaranteeing authenticity and mitigating fraud risks. Authentication programs include analytical testing based on official methods, for instance the detection of added water or synthetic flavors in wine. By leveraging Imprint Analytics’ expertise, BOHEMIA SEKT maintains its commitment to excellence.

Certification Standards and Food Fraud Vulnerabilities: BOHEMIA SEKT goes beyond compliance by adhering to the most advanced certification standards. Imprint Analytics’ insights address food fraud vulnerabilities, ensuring that every bottle of BOHEMIA SEKT sparkling wine meets stringent criteria. The laboratory testing services by Imprint Analytics signify product integrity.

Trust in Reputation:

Imprint Analytics’ reputation as an industry leader precedes it. Their track record inspires confidence and industry’s stakeholders recognize the value of Imprint Analytics’ involvement in supply chain resilience. BOHEMIA SEKT places immense trust in Imprint Analytics’ expertise to safeguard its brand reputation.

Vítězslav Šuhájek, Quality Manager at BOHEMIA SEKT, stated: “Our collaboration with Imprint Analytics transcends business. It’s about safeguarding our legacy. Imprint Analytics’ expertise elevates our quality control processes, ensuring that every sip of BOHEMIA SEKT sparkling wine is an ode to perfection.”

David Psomiadis, CEO at Imprint Analytics, emphasized the importance of the program: "At Imprint Analytics, we are committed to providing the most reliable verification services to help our partners combat fraud and ensure product integrity. Our collaboration with BOHEMIA SEKT reflects our shared dedication to quality and consumer trust."

The trust that Imprint Analytics' expertise brings is invaluable to BOHEMIA SEKT, as it continually strives to meet and exceed industry standards. This partnership not only reinforces the brand's commitment to quality but also assures consumers that they are enjoying genuine, high-quality products.

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